a radio show bringing  the world of business, culture and politics  together...

When I first conjured the theme for the radio show “International Dialogues” I drew some inspiration from exposure, since  an early age, to having lived  in different countries and in the process… adapting to new schools, working with international craftsmen, with whom I communicated via signs because I did not speak their language,  and developing business relations in the most serendipitous ways…, all geographically and culturally  juxtaposed…Today you can travel the world  while sitting at your desk; you can meet, chat, deal with strangers  around the world and become the best or worst of  friends, via cyberspace…, and everyone speaks/writes English!


 A designer of sorts, by profession, I have worked with my hands… behind a jewelry bench for more than twenty years, although for the past 12 years or so, I wish to believe, I have  somewhat  helped in promoting and advancing the   timeless principles and ideas represented by one of the greatest men in history, Abraham Lincoln…  


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Cynthia Dillon

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