Saturday 3:30-5 PM EST

In October of 2010 Carl Bott at KCNR 1460AM asked the Redding Tea Party to start a program called "We the People".  Elizabeth Woodward and Erin Ryan took up the challenge and began broadcasting every Sunday morning from 8-10AM.  Check out the  archives for We the People "the early years".


In December 2013 our friend Elizabeth moved to Utah.  She and Dan are having a great time but we certainly do miss her and always think of her at daylight savings time!  Remember the morning that she forgot to set her clock ahead and we did the first 1/2 hour without her?  She was always good for new ideas, great shows, insightful comments and some good old fashioned physical humor in the studio.  Headbumping the microphone never got old.


In October of 2014 the tea party decided to go a different direction with programming and funding so We the People Radio was suspended until new funding and a new show time could be arranged.  It was in that gap that we learned just how many loyal listeners around the country and around the globe are using the show to get information out and learn more about topics they find important.  It was humbling to receive the calls and emails from people who wanted us to hurry up and start broadcasting again.  Thanks to all who encouraged us over that hurdle!  



Hosts Erin & Bill